What's In a Name?

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

I recently met with a talented Career Coach. She mentioned I needed to bring in all my experiences and skills, all under one roof. Intuitively, I knew this needed to happen. It's actually overdue. However in a professional, classic career manner, I kept everything separate. My passions to my volunteering, to side projects and even new certifications. Truly the only other place you could entertain and demonstrate so much would be on LinkedIn, but many clients and employers do not scroll all the way down and many take less than a minute to review. So how does one showcase their love of work, passions and pursuits? By creating a site that offers summaries and big picture knowledge without over stimulating you with granular line items. Thus, JohannaDahlman was born. You can see the many projects, events, and wellness activities I indulge in and even follow my instagram without leaving the page!

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