Making Lemonade in Life

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

Moving twice in 12 months was extremely challenging for me. During this time I developed Alopecia which was disheartening as I believed I was very "healthy". Working out everyday, eating very well and not drinking alcohol. I didn't realize that stress and lack of sleep had gotten the best of me, and like a silent mosquito about to bite, you don't feel the aftermath or side effects until later. The side effects had included adrenal fatigue and massive hairloss. An autoimmune disease that causes hairloss. There are many stages to alopecia which can culminate in full baldness and loss of all body hair. Thankfully I was able to reverse it and get well once more. See full story here. Since recuperating, 100% naturally and holistically, I have written 2 books, created online programs and help others in need to obtain the help and guidance they need to reverse and heal their alopecia. There are over 140+ autoimmune diseases and many can be reversed with diet and lifestyle changes. Through my website, online communities and articles, I educate, empower and mentor others to take their health into their hands, not waiting for a miracle pill or cream, rather through much needed change, action steps and discipline so they too can see health and hair return!

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