Event Production Timeline

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

I graduated high school and my first job was in a hotel and spa located in Napa Valley California. In my short time there, I excel'd at reservations, giving tours, and selling the property along with its many spa treatments. I loved the many hats I could wear in this environment. Working in hospitality lit a fire within me. Throughout college I worked in hospitality, upon graduating, I began my career in marketing, events and boat shows at Fraser Yachts Worldwide. From there I moved on to more events, with more frequency and got to know every 1st, 2nd and 3rd tier city in the USA for our events and auctions we held with Auction.com It was such a wonderful time since this became the back bone of my events career and also taught me how to procure venues and vet vendors to standards, forming relationships and partnerships. I later joined an educational non profit focused on engineers, science and math, producing board meetings, regional and annual conferences. I left to attend Boston University and upon finishing my masters, I began working with Apple. I moved to Texas and later moved to their Miami Office. I loved working with Apple, I loved my internal clients, the friendships and warm hearted office, not to mention the camaraderie, beer bashes and other internal events. My time at Apple seemed like a decade. I was working anywhere from 14-18 hour days, traveling 2, 3, up to 4 weeks per month. I loved it all, but could have used more support. I was in charge of Latin America and built the region up from ground zero. Within my first year we went from 6 meetings a year to over 150 a year. In addition, I was also key for any out of the box events that were going on internationally or that needed stronger leadership. I really enjoyed being apart of many memorable events, from world wide trainings for the retail teams (over 10,000 PAX plus travel over 3 months during the summer, orchestrated worldwide and I was covering 20 cities simultaneously in North America alone and overseeing another 15 internationally ), to opening two of the 1st Latin American Apple Stores ever. It was so great to be apart of Apple. Following Apple, I worked for a third party event company based in the midwest. My exposure to pharmaceutical meetings began here. I came to the realization that it was time to spread my wings, and so from there, Local Latin was born, harnessing my passion and experience in the region. Since then, I followed my heart and husband to Europe. Local Latin has evolved into COR Events. Many projects and clients surged including American Express, The World Bank and many other organizations. I host, produce and execute events around the world, nothing too small or too big. I have a team of highly qualified event professionals that work with me on bigger events anywhere in the world. They too have worked with me at Apple, which ensures the highest caliber of standards and professionalism. Nothing but the best for my clients!

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