Health is the greatest form of wealth. My experiences and life journey has led to me to a deep understanding of health & wellness at work, at home, in life, during challenging times and beyond.  It merges my passion and knowledge for health and expands across many sectors, including, fitness, corporate, autoimmune, events,  education, and much more. Truly, you cannot do anything you desire without the right attitude and best health. Let's optimize your health, and that of your organization, team and family.  Let's reduce anxiety, depression, stress, weight gain, health problems that arise due to neglect and reduce the toxic burden you are potentially enabling, even unknowingly. Correcting steps now, avoids potential health risks and increases productivity along with prosperity.


My Experience

CORE Foundation

2002 - Present

Corporate Events +

I have have a passion for events, venues, hotels and travel. My experience in corporate events has led me to work for high profile companies, Fortune 100 institutions along with small to large privately held companies and clients in tech, pharmaceutical, maritime, non profits, education, sports, hotels, retail and much more.

2016 - Present

Alopecia Angel

After having alopecia and recovering through holistic and organic methods, I have created books, programs and a site that is filled with empowering information, healthy alternatives and side effect free results for hair and health. Visit for more information.

1998- Present

Sales & Marketing

I am very well versed at public speaking, vendor, client and account management, obtaining sponsorships, procurement, building trust, communities, networking, and mentorship. I continue to expand my areas of expertise and forge relationships to create winning teams and greater results. Multilingual in English, Spanish + Portuguese. Work experience in Latin America, North America, and across Europe and Asia.



CORE Learnings

Masters in International Marketing

Boston University

This program allowed me to build a community wherever BU Terriers are located. I studied abroad to India with BU and have produced multiple BU events in Miami, Denver, and in Europe, bringing alums together, united.

Bachelors in International Studies

University of California Irvine

I studied abroad to Brazil and graduated with an emphasis in Latin America, which later helped me become the head of LATAM for Apple Inc and their events. Obtaining my third language, Portuguese, has been invaluable for my career and growth.

Certificate in Meeting and Event Planning

San Francisco State University

Certificate in Meeting and Event Planning, the courses and time here gave me the backbone and confidence to continue to pursue my passion of corporate events, retreats, travel and experiences I can offer my clients.


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