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Professional Speaker, Writer + Blogger

Professional speaking & writing topics include stress management, how to stay healthy on the road, overcoming an autoimmune disease, health and wellness for longevity, and how to stay healthy as an entrepreneur. I've had the honor to write for many organizations and media outlets. I love to write and blog about meetings and events, international business, health and wellness, living and studying abroad, transitioning to another country and more.

Website Story Telling, Website Creation and Marketing Strategy

I've had the privilege to create, write and artfully craft websites for entrepreneurs, solo- preneurs and also those who want to showcase their many and varied talents all in one space, connecting the dots and telling their truth through their website which is a full extension and representation of the person or organization. Full Website creation, SEO/SEM, social media, marketing strategy and design.

Workshop Creator

Workshops creation incorporating knowledge and expertise. Most recently, 
I have given workshops on health, diet & nutrition, burnout, stress management and importance of mindfulness in the workplace. This can be within multiple environments including: during retreats, business &  community events, along with speaking engagements and webinars.


Recent Projects


Key Note Speaker

Annual Conference for The American Society of Civil Engineers

Presentation on how to be a healthy road warrior, combat stress and stress management, autoimmune disease prevention and more

Guest Writer & Contributor

I love to write! Here are some examples:

The Meetings Magazine

The Undutchables 

Go Abroad 

The Undutchables Part 2

ND 42 Mental Toughness Camps

Collaboration to impact youth across the USA and Canada

Collaboration with ND42 Camps to provide yoga, pilates, breathing techniques, stress management, nutrition and other trainings to children and adults across the USA & Canada. 

Workshop on Stress Management

At Antler Global, I presented in front of 40-50 entrepreneurs about the effects of stress. How stress management needs to be a daily habit and how we can avoid, limit and set boundaries. The workplace health workshop series continues at Antler Global. On February 23, 2020 I will be presenting once again to a roomful of entrepreneurs and business workers who want to improve their health.

Health & Wellness Retreat,    The Netherlands

Retreat with about 115 participants from all over the Benelux area. Retreat was successful and offered a multitude of classes and workshops.

Website Creation

I love creating websites that clients are delightfully pleased and extremely enthusiastic about. Linkedin falls short to really capture who you are, take the opportunity to have someone reflect on and your abilities, passions and pursuits . In a complete and accurate story filled with vibrant color personality. 


Podcast Interviews

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The Sacred Medicine Podcast


Digital Savage Experience Podcast



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