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CORE: noun, the part of something that is central to its existence or character. Our core & center compass, is strong with values, integrity and on a mission to pursue the endeavors and projects that create impact, help others and have long term results.  The core is key to my truth and is a beacon of light shining onto my path, illuminating from intuition and within. Harnessing my core and bringning them together has come to fruition. Through pilates and yoga, the core is the center of practice, movement, strength and posture. Key to all exercises and development. Through alopecia and hairloss, it is part of the root cause and critical to its reversal. Through events, it holds our values of superior customer service, expertise, knowledge and results oriented solutions.  Without the core, your inner strength and balance is off. Your inner compass more dimly lit. The CORE, coming from within and moving outward is prominent in all areas of life; we cannot help but thrive in stability, in balance and shine with true health all around when our core is stable and firm. This strength is embodied in my work, demonstrated in the final results and finished projects. 


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Corporate, Offsite, Retreats & Events

We bring Wellness to companies, entrepreneurs, and institutions alike. We host events, retreats and embody what true health, mindfulness and wellness can look like when considered and thoughtfully added to everyone's wellbeing. Incorporating wellness practices leads to thriving organizations, employees, and teams!

Audience and Lecturer
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CORE Wellness

Passions & Purpose

Health & wellness are at the CORE of my values and services. Everything is thoughtful and in concert with long term results vs short term gains. After overcoming  Alopecia, an autoimmune disease, I use my learnings to empower others.

CORE Content

Writer, Speaker,  Workshop Creator, Website Designer & Marketing Strategist

I produce workshops, speak, coach, mentor, write, blog and create various forms of content under the umbrella of health, stress management, nutrition, transitions, study abroad, living abroad, traveling and beyond which applies to all areas and interests. Knowledge and experience in creating websites and applying marketing strategies have also helped my clients in their business needs.  See my recent collaborations and projects!

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"The best way to predict the future is to create it"

Abraham Lincoln


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